NASA IS THE 1% and say they went and the photos from moon and ISS  are real images so the burden of proof is on them. And I’ve been searching for over 10 years and everything available seems to be artist renderings, models, cgi, camera tricks and fakery. So much of it. And such a lack of honest to goodness “evidence” that makes sense on their part. I know the globe argument. I went to public schools that were bought and built by the 1% who chose, wrote and commissioned the text books and materials and trained and paid the teachers with the same schools and textbooks perpetuating the myths. I received the indoctrination during TV “Programming & movies thanks to Hollywood that just happens to be owned by the same 1% running everything in Washington D.C. That means they control the talent, studios and have the equipment and skills at their fingertips to produce any propaganda they want. Everyone believes the 1% and elite are screwing us over in multiple ways but for some reason think they would never do this to us as if there is some allegiance to us. We pay taxes that go into this program and it seems as if that money is going elsewhere unaccounted for to Black Budget Projects or in their personal or corporate pockets. There is also speculation NASA is front for the drug trade. All Astronauts are Freemasons. They can keep secrets or centuries. I just want everyone to remember who “they” are that are running all this stuff and that we DON’T trust them as a rule….so I hope others review “evidence” and “proof” remembering these are not your friends and eye it as a skeptic as you would something presented by your worst enemy rather than your comrade or caretaker. It’s really like breaking away from a cult.