“Climate Change”- Global Warming is a LIE!

Don’t be a Climatard. Climate change is a hoax. They made it up to make money on carbon credits Go research the math. They are talking about a fraction of a percent – to a percent and a half …over the last 100-150 years and expect about the same in the 100 year forecast. It fluctuates all the time and there have been extreme fluctuations over time in history (Ice Age,etc) and I’m pretty sure we will survive.“Climate Change” / “Global Warming” was created by Al Gore and his elite 1% buddies that just want to make money buying and selling invisible “Carbon Credits” that they own because they made it up. Always ask “who stands to make some $$$?” And then just follow the money to the liars. Nobody stands to gain anything by denying global warming if it were real. The 1% stand to gain billions if they lie and there is no global warming emergency. Remember that.

They can technically say it’s a thing but if you research you will find they are really talking about 1- 1.5 degree rise in the average over past 100 years, it’s hardly going to cook us to a crisp and it’s about the same expected in the next 100 years. They are exaggerating the issue and exploiting it. The predictions made ten years ago have not come true. They said there would be far more and far worse hurricanes due to global warming and it hasn’t happened. If they are threatening to jail people and stifle free speech over a topic you should really be suspicious.

It’s fear mongering. This is the same 1% pushing this agenda that screw everyone over all the time. Remember that, too.

***UPDATE JULY 19, 2016***

Britain just got a new Prime Minister and on her first day on the job, the first thing she did was CLOSE the Global Warming /Climate Change Office they had over there.

She must be a conspiracy nut, too.

Top Scientist Resigns Admitting Global Warming Is A Big Scam