“Tricked Ya!” Boston Bombing Was A STAGED HOAX! It was over in 18 minutes. All crisis actor “victims” were gone in 3 minutes. TIMELINE & TIME LAPSE VIDEO OF ENTIRE DAY & NIGHT AT FINISH LINE! Nobody died. Nobody was hurt. They made MILLIONS! (Video: Time lapse shows entire race day and night of Finish Line activities. Cops run marching drills and walk a couple of dogs. Nobody investigates or gathers evidence but you can watch them tear up blue stands, mess up chairs and tear down flags to stage the “bombed look”.)

***Note the image at top of page. “Bomb” went off a minute ago. Smoke isn’t clear yet and it clears in one minute. Cowboy is leaning on the fence with his flag. Hoodie “victim” is just “chillin'” like he’s waiting for lunch or his big scene (which happens in the next minute with No Legs Jeff and the red shirt black lady. Another minute later they all leave the scene.***

I have concluded that within three minutes of the blast the “victims” were gone. At 2:52 Jeff and others are wheeled and walked down the street. Within 6 minutes of the blast all of the directors/prop people including Pink Lady had left the scene and were walking between bridge and tent at 2:56.White/Yellow/Blue jackets gone by this time also. Yellow wave of responders come in at 2:55 and are gone by 3:15 leaving only Craft, FBI and uniformed police/fire dept personnel. At 3:15 there is nothing left but bloody sidewalk and a few bored cops standing around.

First explosion went off April 15, 2013 at 2:49 pm and the second explosion was 13 seconds later.

Therefore when raceclock reads 4:09 it is 2:49 First Bomb Flash Seen
4:10 it is 2:50 1min lapse
4:11 it is 2:51 2 min lapse
4:12 it is 2:52 3 min lapse
4:15 it is 2:55 6 min lapse
3:20 31 min lapse
3:21 32 min lapse
3:25 36 min lapse
3:27 38 min lapse

Time Line:

Explosions 2:49 4:09:51 13 sec apart Brownie guarding fence with twin sis. Balloons in air, yellow button down shirt by fence far left and has cellphone out. Houndstooth coat lady near fence with blue shirt guy holding her while walking left of pileup. People in blue stands still sitting down. Green jacked old photographer right past finish line taking pics. Pinky by fence with several large purses and bags hanging there. Old lady red jacket couple she has no blood on her sitting down. Orange jacket gray ponytail man sitting up next to them and olive green vest guy just standing there.Jeff’s leg in black lady’s hair and gray hoodie has sunglasses on. Nicole laying right behind gray hoodie bracing him against black lady and jeff. Blue and white huggers on fence. Blue seems to be sitting on top of Mannequin lady in red and black with team swan. White has brwn hair and sunglasses on. Black and yellow hockey shirt guy running far left exiting scene with red hoodie guy next to him and red letter jacket guy near fence far left. Graybeard and lady down by black railing. Turquoise jacket crawling old lady is on butt and reaching into jacket sitting up no blood. Red jacket group taking video right behind green jacket spectator from “get out of the stands video” on news on ABC terror at the finish line video. Old white guy bald on top with gray black backpack bottled water in hand standing over Nicole. Kevin red jacket pulling wife Celest in gray up by arm. Green stripe jacket stands up to fix pants before sitting back down in pileup. Pink pompom little girl with lady in green and lady in gray holding some olive green tarp or sleeping bag or something covering. Jack be nimble about 6 feet from turquoise crawler midway past black patio. Old guy in black and black hat is exiting towards building with black smoke machine. Inside black patio both benches are even and upright, lady in gray lying down in front of them with large backpack. Burned head bald guy, backwards hat sunglass team guy and turquoise tanktop with little girl all in huddle in front of sugar heaven rightish from black patio. Red jacket blonde lady on fence facing finish line. right scaffolding and fence line dark blue striped jog suit with yellow hat 3 away from blond lady. Burgundy hat with black jacket white shirt black packpack lady far left by lenscrafters. Orange jogger down and police lady arms out about to cross finish line. Far right people standing huddled or leaving behind blue canopy in smoke. Kimberly or girl next to her head off the ground next to mannequin. Pink hat and blue jacket lady with blue sweatshirt and jeans guy by wall next too blue rail and graybeard laying with lady.

2:50 shows 4:10 on race clock one minute passed Orange jogger down and epic action hero cops. smoke hasn’t cleared but white jacket pushing empty wheelchair away from scene coming under bridge people still in blue stands cross the street, green jogger lady on other side of bridge. Shirtless triage on victim laying in front of candy shop victims watch shows 2:50. Brown sweater long brown hair girl also works on candy shop victim.
Guy in blue walks up and ‘OMG They’re all dead”. Wanderer turquoise jacket lady looks lost in center. Brownie guarding lenscrafters now. Cowboy actively tearing down fence and flags. Bag lady escorted away around 2:51 Photographers already leaving scene coming under bridge. Texas jogger crosses finish line, still smokey, pink stretcher still sitting on right alone. Green jacket photographer behind finish line. Blue shirt do-rag jogger comes from bridge next to blue jacket omg theyre dead reporter approaching flagline.

2:51 shows 4:11:40 two minutes passed Yellow vest/jackets arrive in full force. Brownie moves to Lenscrafters .Main two Craft guys behind clock, suv not here yet. Police van behind finish line, police suv in front of finish line on victim pileup site one side. Yellow jackets and whit jackets on scene with pink stretcher also in front of police suv. Flags are just starting to be taken down and most still up. Cowboy on fence next to red jacket guy. Spielberg lookalike arrives with pink stretcher and black yellow vest next to suv. Few people still in blue stands. Not tore up yet. Pink poster blue jacket guy and houndstooth coat lady in front of lenscrafters near brownie. Bag lady in front of black patio scouting a spot.Turquoise tank lady waved away from right door of sugar heaven. Graybeard on the ground by black rail waves camera to look away. Old lady in red not bloody yet. Scaffolding , fence and flags down by lenscrafters pinky’s scene revealed, purple shirt on ground , red jacket guy far left of pileup cop walking to push scaffolding out of the way more. Green jacket photographer gray hair by blue stands across from victim pileup. Blue jacket “they are all dead” guy standing with cameraman middle of street between pileup and blue stands. Brownie guarding left patio rail where graybeard usually is and chubby girl in gray hoodie inside patio is kneeling on ground .Asian old couple by green chair by lenscrafters. On news as pd van pulls up trolls are already not allowing media etc back under bridge to finish line.

2:52 shows 4:12:09 3 minutes passed white jackets on scene with wheelchairs and stretchers Craft SUV on site and race clock taken down. Golf cart arrrives Craft begin tearing up blue walls and kicking over white chairs to make it look destroyed. and jeff is not visible from street fence while hoodie sunglasses guy looks at phone and black lady is there also. Shirtless triage with brown sweater girl help blue shirt sunglass leg injury guy with watch at sugar heaven.police vans are present at site 1 and Craft Guys and Bridge Troll are looking at site from behind the van and smoke has not cleared yet. Lime stripe near landing spot but not down yet next to black patio. Brownie ugly cry face guarding lenscrafters with huddled family. Blue jacket Wander Lady in front of marathon sports shop black patio area. Brown sweater brunette blood squirter by candy shop and black patio. Fence by flags across from black patio is still up. Left bench ok and up, right bench toppled and lady on ground in rear of patio. Blue jacket old lady on ground has crawled and landed in front of patio rail just behind backwards hat tattoo team k white shirt guy. Cowboy leaning on fence holding flag and hat next to yellow jacket on other side of fence just watching. Flags still up. Pinky near smoke still coming up from behind mannequine team stork black and red lady. Gray hoodie burned head guy between pinky and houndstooth coat lady. Kevin asking for belt from black backwards tattoo guy for celeste and gray hoodie sunglass guy is chilling and no sign of jeff. Turquoise tank bald mustache jogger dude in white chair stands with others by blue stands. Brown jacket men in white chairs standing. Several people in dark blue jackets hand to mouth watching scene and looking at cams. 2:52 yellow emt with beard and sunglasses arrives and will soon help cowboy push jeff down the street. Pink stretcher with red clothes is pushed to tent at same time. About 2:53 police suv comes from direction of marathon runners and passes finish line.2nd golf cart still parked by race clock canopy area.

(2:52-2:55 street scene) Craft guys run down street and turn left. Many random “victims” some not seen before are wheeled down the street. Brown sweater drizzler mm girl whells stretcher down street same time. Lady in green jacket possibly from graybeard guy on ground is wheeled away. 2:52 Turquoise jacket white purse Wandering Lady is walked down street by soldier. Old lady in red is wheeled down street right after that. White jacket black guy claiming “medical” is kicked out of finish line area as craft suv parks behind him. Craft guy puts device in his pocket as cam passes by. Old guy in gray sweatshirt looks bored being wheeled away down street. Blonde Girl in green vest with circle of helpers is wheeled down street. Physician runners passing by. OC Paulie look alike runs by towards site 1. Pink hat blue jacket lady with blue sweatshirt man are walking away with another peson and white jacket red hat towards tent. Blue jacket “omg theyre dead reporter” interview on street past bridge now. Jeff, Cowboy, EMT beard glasses in yellow and asian girl with red hat come down street same video clip.
2:53 blue jacket crawling lady that guards black patio is wheeled down stree by green hat. PD Suv exits under bridge coming from street. Drove past site 1. Troll says “NO MEDIA BACK HERE”.
2:54 FIRE DEPT SUV SHOWS UP, passes blue hazmat shirt guy carrying backboard person. Burgandy plaid guy with shades walkd down street to tent. Green cart jeep thing drives victims to tent. Black box fbi truck shows up followed by white ambulance. Two white jackets push empty wheelchair w flag to tent. He is follwed by orange jacket gray hair ponytail man and purple shirt fat twin on strectcher and yellow shirt lady. Green vest white shirt brunette director lady leaves walking down st withyellow shoe black jacket guy. Green cart jeep thing comes back to site.

Only two ambulances arrive at site 1 in the entire time and only Nicole is wheeled up to ambulance. We never see anyone placed inside or taken away while around the corner there are dozens of ambulances lined up waiting and not allowed in to the site.

2:55 Pinky and gray hair sunglasses in black walk down st wit yellow jacket/yellow hat laughing.
2:52 shows 4:12:50 Red sleeve gray vest baseball hat watcher man from finish line is crossing center of street towards pileup. green jacket photographer top left blue stands last row looking at street over blue stands wall. Fence down by parking signs across from big flag. Green hoodie guy and gray hair dark jacket guy standing in front of blue stands watching. Redshirt guy and white hat guy looking up at camera in front of adidias sign between white chairs and blue stands. Blu hat photographer in black and yellow jacket helping remove scaffolding with cops.

2:53 -2:54 Brownie and gray hoodie burned head guy next to Kevin and celeste in front of black patio. Cowboy is actively taking down fence and scaffolding/flags still up by patio. Pinky standing in center of pileup lookin. Yellow button down shirt guy helping black lady. Smoke still rising a little in pinky corner. Blue hat photographer other side of fence near cowboy. Yellow hat dark blue jacket next to brownie . Old guy gray hair black clothes bloody in front of black rail in front of bench on right that is toppled over. Flags up, fence down and blood. Later brownie and twin in black are at black railing pointing at photographers above. Blue tank top lady carrying little girl in front of black rail. Orange jacket gray ponytail guy by old lady in red is sitting up ok. White sweater black bag guy leaving area. Fence and flags still up in pinky corner of victim pileup. Yellow button down with black coat enters from left and ends up helping jeff. Blue and white huggers are still huddled. Gray hoodie burned head guy running in front of old red jacket couple at another point.

2:55 shows 4:15:41 6 minutes passed and fence, flags, scaffolding down and scattered. Yellow vests/jackets dominate scene. Brownie & most known players/victims (fake injuries/directors/props people) are not seen. Police van arrives first with golf cart. Yellow button down, lady in blk w white purse in charge is there, possible cowboy closer to black patio now, Craft guys behind black suv, two running craft haven’t left yet. Lots of yellow and white jackets on scene now. Guy on red lifter where jumbo tron was. No ambulance or fire truck on scene at this time, just craft suv and two police vans on right. People including cops standing around hands in pockets and on hips. Ambulance arrives and leaves after pinky loads Nicole on stretcher. Troll that says “no media” jogs down street. Full size fire truck heading to bridge from tent area.

***2:56 – 3:15pm*** 7-25 minutes passed 3:20pm live cnn feed shows everyone gone but official uniform responders left. All white and yellow jackets and civilians gone by 3:15 All injured and spectators are gone by 3:15 and site 1 is just bloody concrete with cops wandering.*Jeff should have bled out in two minutes while he laid alone and cowboy tore down fencing.*

3:15 26 minutes have passed Everyone gone except uniformed responders, fbi, craft CNN Live News shows ambulance behind craft suv and Black box trucks coming from same direction as marathon and parking in front of blue stands at flag pole. Police SUV and Van are gone. More vehicles down at intersection and other blast site flashing lights can be seen. Nicole’s ambulance is gone. All yellow /white jackets gone. Only yellow vest, police, fireman, fbi and craft left on live cnn breaking news feed from bridge.

3:17 28 min have passed cops put up caution tape in front of finish line

3:20 31 minutes have passed Fox News showing recorded earlier old lady in red with fake face/hand /leg injuries in wheelchair passes down the street 30 minutes after the explosion.

3:21 32 minutes have passed Fox News announcer says it’s 3:21 BMB Man W Legs Blown Off Official Talking About Deaths and video of cowboy and medics wheeling Bauman down the street

3:25 36 minutes have passed Breaking News Video played on Fox News of Aftermath all victims already gone from scene (40 min). Bomb dogs on scene, caution tape across stroller diagonally. Black box truck behind craft suv , golf car in front, golf cart behind blue canopy area. Fire truck middle of street by corner, ambulances moving and leaving slowly.

3:26 37 minutes have passed Breaking News arial shows lots of ambulance and responders lined up around the corner away from the scene.

3:27 38 minutes have passed Breaking News reporter witness calls in to breaking news and says it’s right where the jumbo tron tv was where the “few people that were there could see it” . She then says the explosion happened halway up the building and NOT on the ground and she was ‘right there” and it happened IN the building. Live coverage shows golf cart at intersection.

RT reports cellphones disabled and people asked not to use them. Reports No Fly Zone over boston and bombs found in trashcan and also reports Saudi man filmed delivering suspicious packages was detained then she recanted that.