Get some popcorn, enjoy this play list about Flat Earth 101! It’s entertaining, educational and funny at times and if you spend one day researching this hot topic you will question everything you think you know.


The first thing you need to know is there are NO actual photos or videos of the whole Earth from space from any space program. They are all CGI and artist renderings. There is not one video or live stream of 1 day of  Earth’s rotation over 24 hours. But they can send back pictures from Mars?


This will get you started on some of the various theories being debated in Flat Earth 🙂  When you get started on your own research just avoid the Flat Earth Society stuff, they are controlled opposition and are there to make you think it’s all satire or a joke, etc. Best to watch this list in order , at least the first dozen videos! They can get a little crazy but there is a lot of great information and there are experiments and demonstrations, models, etc that back up Flat Earth theories.

High Altitude Balloon videos of flat horizon